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: This guillds is pretty simple focus but eventually stretched out between many things ill explain our current priorities of the time (since they are always changing on here a bit farther down since they always change) : minigames,dungeoneering groups,pvp, great chat, and loads of the other things availible in this game.Runescape was ment to be enjoyed by alll aspects and we intend to do so as we SEIZE THE WORLD!

Recruiting needs and requirements: we are not to picky about level requirements however what is important is how you act, how your application looks, and how you participate in the guild. we expect our members to be mature 18+.if your not 18 but feel like your mature enough please put your real age it shows a sign of maturity.As far as levels go we expect youtohavesomething to contribute to the guild such as being able to slice , explode, heal, barrage, craft, or all of the above    
requirements:           OK now to the part that cuts a few of the good ones out for awhile however I believe is neccesary for a good guild.This guild is f2p and member guild. The level requirements for combat members of the guild are:level100+ all guild bonuses, ranks, activities are available. Level 90+ you can go to any activity your level can handle we can make few exceptions for good players,you have access to all ranks however a very high rank may be unobtainable without guild master or counsil approvle.Level85+ again any activities you can handle, you can gain through a good bit a ranks and with clan master or counsil approvle a few more.80+ Again you can attend all events and activities ,however only a few ranks are available mostly involving you to level. FINNALLY CRAFTERS: whether your fletch,thief,runecraft,crafting,miner,smither,fisher, wood cutter, farmer or herbologist. we will normally give you a chance no matter what your combat level is as long as you have a main "crafting skill" at 60+ and donate to the guild regurly crafters have a differerent ranking log and the higher the level the more ranks you can attain. OK!!! done with that whew for more on ranks go to the ranks page.     

(m)guild world:103
(F2p)guild world:29


Guild News

:Website creation! lets get some people in guys and get his going looking for great leadership for compentant leadership positions ask your clanless friends to join. also add to the guld bank for dkp points.

  p.s. even offering dkp for recruiting pst lews for more info.







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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

lewsthero, Feb 22, 11 4:43 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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